Hiking Albania Adventure

Tour program: 

11 days / 10 nights

Day 1: 

“Mother Theresa” International Airport - Lepush (Northern Albania)

You will be picked up by Albania Adventure guides at “Mother Theresa” International Airport and we will be headed northward of Albania, toward Lepush village. Lepush is located in the most northern part of Albania, in the district of Malesi e Madhe at an altitude of 1400 m. Bordered by Monte Negro, this village becomes noticeable after a 5 hour-drive. The village seems lost in time, located among the Albanian Alps, in a deep distant valley. As soon as we reach Lepush, we will be accommodated in a guesthouse where typical, traditional and delicious home cooked food will be enjoyed.

In the afternoon we will be hiking nearly five hours at a T2+ difficulty level, towards the top of Brizhdol, reaching in this way at an altitude of 1979 m above sea level. In the evening we are going to be relaxed by the fireplace.

Day 2: 

Lepush - Vermosh

Once having tasted the delicious, fresh and local products, we leave in the direction of Gebreni mountain top, at an altitude of 1839 m and at a T2 difficulty level hiking to finally reach Vermosh village where accommodation is provided for the night. Vermosh is the northernmost village of Albania. At an altitude of 1100 m above sea level, it is geographically positioned in the Albanian-Monte Negro frontier. Vermosh is widely known for its stunning panorama and snowfall which last approximately 100 days round the year. There are also more than 30 kinds of medicinal and endemic plants. Popular activities you can choose from in Vermosh include hiking, fishing and horse riding.

During our visit in this village we will have the feeling of reliving the past.  It used to be a deserted place during communism, but nowadays its stone houses are fanatically preserved. We need to hike through a canyon’s fabulous landscape to reach our destination, Vermosh, where the superb local cuisine will be tasted. Accommodation will be also provided here.

Day 3: 

Vermosh - Thethi Valley

Our next day’s destination is Thethi valley, which will be reached by driving 4x4 Albania Adventure vehicles. Thethi valley rises at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. Considered by foreign tourists as “Europe’s last Paradise”, the village is located in the northernmost part of Shala valley, amongst the Alps offering a fabulous landscape. The area’s natural resources are closely connected with the historic and cultural heritage of local residents, laying in this way the most important foundations for tourism promotion. George Heinshemer, the famous mountaineer, in his writings considered Thethi as the most suitable place for tourism among Accursed mountains (Bjeshket e Namuna), comparing it with the most beautiful places of Tyrol, Austria. Once arriving there you are about to bewitched by the most breathtaking alpine landscapes

We get off the vehicles at a place called Thore’s notch after a nearly 3-hour-drive, 1775 m above sea level, to hike downwards Thethi valley. It is a 1000m descent, at a T3 difficulty level hiking, which lasts approximately 4 hours in the wilderness. Thethi valley’s fantastic landscapes are beyond imagination. We will be hosted at a 350-year-old-guesthouse, rebuilt in 2012.

Day 4: 

Visit to Thethi valley

Our adventure restarts the next morning with the following destination - Nderlyse. In this way we have the opportunity to enjoy an “Off Road” adventurous experience by driving our 4x4 vehicles along Thethi valley from Okoli to Nderlyse. Leaving the vehicles to start hiking towards the “Blue Eye”. The location of this beauty is down on Kaprre, one of the most beautiful villages in the Alps. On the way to the “Blue Eye” we will be stunned by one of Thethi’s natural beauty, Grunas canyon, one of the jewel canyons in the entire country.

The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of rock by the water flowing down the mountain. This region is one of the rarest in Albania. It is composed of the Black river which is entirely formed from the melting snow in the Alps.

This is going to be a relatively easy 3-hour round trip, at a T1 difficulty level hiking. On this itinerary we are certainly going to be marveled by the fabulous scenery along the Kaprre river.

The next destionation is Grunas waterfall. With our 4x4 vehicles we will approach to Thethi’s waterfall. After a 20 - minute - Off Road adventure, we are going to proceed with hiking for around 40 minutes, at a T1 difficulty level. At an altitude of 30 m above sea level, Thethi waterfall is one of the most extraordinary natural beauties in the Albanian Alps.

Grunasi waterfall is located on the western slope of the Thethi valley in the Albanian Alps. It starts at the western foot of the Boshi mountain peak, where it forms a narrow rocky trough through a limestone slope, then the water immediately falls from a height of 25 m.

Day 5: 

Theth - Arapi Summit, 2217 m

We start our day at dawn as we are climbing Arapi top this day, at an altitude 2217 m above sea level and a T4 difficulty level hiking this is an adventure which lasts for nearly 9 hours.

Arapi Summit is one of the highest peaks rising at the bottom of Thethi Valley from where we are going to admire the spectacular view of the entire valley. We will enjoy our packed lunch at Peja Notch, 1900 m altitude, after having descended Arapi summit.

Day 6: 

Theth - Valbona Pass, 1812 m

On this day we leave Thethi to explore the next destination, Valbona valley. We depart from Thethi at an altitude about 900m in the direction of Valbona pass, situated at an altitude 1812 m above sea level. At this point of our adventure we will enjoy remarkable scenery of both valleys.

On our way two mules will help us to carry a part of our luggage. This itinerary is: T3 difficulty level and lasts 6-8 hours.

Once reaching the upper part of Valbona valley - Rragam, we will be picked up by our 4x4 vehicles to continue our Off Road adventure along the valley.

Accommodation in a nice guesthouse.

Day 7: 

Valbone - Jezerca Summit, 2694 m

We are leaving early this morning because of the long itinerary we will do, to reach the Jezerca peak. We will start at 810m altitude above sea level, to reach Jezerca summit, 2694 m. This segment will last about 11 hours, T5 difficulty level hiking. Reaching the summit, which is otherwise known as “The Queen of Albanian Alps”, is going to be the trophy of our hiking adventure. At the Top of the mountain the panorama is unique. There is also a notebook found there in which hikers write down their names. In the evening we will be accommodated at the guesthouse again.

Day 8: 

Peak of Ros

Departure will be early in the morning towards the Peak of Ros, one of the most picturesque peaks of the Albanian Alps, with a height of 2524 m and a difficulty level T4 the walk will last about 9 hours. During this day we will do about 1550 m interchanges, where during the climbing we can admire even the permanent snow. Lunch will be eaten in the Neck of Ros about 2000 m above sea level, overlooking the valley of Valbona. At this altitude, you will see the villages on the border of Montenegro, but the most important is that you can enjoy the view of the Dinaric Alps Albanian peaks.

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Valbona.


Day 9: 

Kollata peak

Kollata peak, 2556m

Maja e Kollates is the mountain peak in the Bjeshkët e Namuna range in northern Albania. Maja e Kollatës reaches a height of 2,556 m (8,386 ft) and is the highest among the four main peaks of the Kollata massif. The second and third highest are Kollata e Keqe 2,534 m (8,314 ft)) and Kollata e mire 2,528 m (8,294 ft) on the border to Montenegro just northwest of the main peak.

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Valbona.


Day 10: 

Valbona valley - Tirana

At 06:00 am we restart our adventure as it is necessary to drive for almost an hour towards Komani Lake. It is the point where we take the ferry and during the 3 hour-sailing we will be acquainted with Komani lake, which closely resembles with Norwegian fjords. The panorama here is considered as a gem of Albanian natural beauties. We will have lunch at a restaurant along the way tasting the delicious and fresh local cuisine.

In the afternoon we reach Tirana city.

Accommodation in a hotel, in very good location.

Day 11: 

“Mother Theresa” International airport.

Depending on your flight timetable, we will be headed towards “Mother Theresa” International airport.

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