Wild Trail Koman Lake

Embark on this Wild Trail in Albania’s Untouched Heart

Welcome to a journey of discovery in the least-explored corners of Central Europe. Our Wild Trail Adventure takes you to the majestic Koman Lake, nestled between towering rock walls in the heart of Northern Albania. This 30-kilometer gem, accessible only at its front and rear ends, promises an unparalleled trekking experience. This Wild Trail will surely not disappoint.

Wild Trailing is not just a trek; it’s a daring escapade into the heart of Europe’s most undiscovered landscapes, where each step is a dance with the untamed. Join us on this exhilarating journey, where ancient paths and uncharted territories come to life, promising a wild adventure like no other.

You may ask what makes this particular trail so wild? Well it is still untouched by idealization or touristy allure. Even the paths that once connected long-abandoned places and farms have become lost to time, now requiring the assistance of local farmers to navigate. So let’s explore the Unknown together along this fantastic Wild Trail, carefully curated by us.

Key Highlights:

  • Traverse Turquoise Waters: Komani Lake, surrounded by untouched landscapes, awaits with its turquoise waters, scattered farms, and medieval villages frozen in time.
  • Rediscover Lost Paths: Immerse yourself in the heart of Europe, where ancient pathways, long abandoned, are now rediscovered with the help of local farmers.
  • Authentic Farming Culture: Spend nights under the open sky, sharing stories around a campfire, and living with Albanian mountain farmers.
  • Spectacular Nature Challenges: Daytime adventures include traversing exposed old paths, conquering short climbing sections, and mastering breathtaking abseils in stunning natural settings.

Wild Trail Details:

  • Trail Footing and Climbing Technique: Steady footing over long distances, prolonged exposure, climbing difficulty ranging from unsecured II° to secured III°.
  • Fitness & Endurance: Altitude gain from 600 to 1400 meters, walking times ranging from 6 to 9 hours. Essential skills include a head for heights and unwavering surefootedness across tricky terrains. Independent abseiling skills are also crucial. Robust fitness and sustained focus are expected. And last but not least, being in good health, having a spirit for adventure, and spontaneity are essential prerequisites!
  • Sleeping gear, water, and nourishment will be provided, and accommodations include both programmed stays and open-air camping.
  • Comfort: Nightly luggage transport, day packs only, communal cooking, daily packed lunches, 5 nights in a tent, 2 nights in a hotel,

So what is stopping you? If you love the Wild Trail experience you can´t go wrong with us. This Wild Trail will be one of a lifetime! We are looking for individuals with prior mountain trekking and via ferrata experience, who expect challenges like navigating through unsecured, exposed passages, tackling climbing sections graded II° difficulty, and conquering airy abseiling spots- but who still don’t get scared away by this wilderness.

Albania Adventure is ready for this Wild Trail… Are you?