Welcome to Albania Adventure

Albania Adventure is a specialized and licensed incoming Tour Operator, located in Tirana, Albania. It is dedicated to the organization of quality tours. Thanks to its professional and properly trained guides, our wide range of specialized tours include Diving, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Monster, Climbing, Canyoning, Trekking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Ski Touring, Cycling and Cultural Tours as well.

Albania Adventure was established in 1998 by Vladimir Dedndreaj who loves outdoor life and sharing his passion with others. Always guided by the spirit of adventure, he is strongly passionate about exploring Albania’s beauty and nature.
He was joined by friends and professional tour guides in a cooperative effort to create unique tours to the most remote regions of Albania. Over time, they became familiar with the local inhabitants and their customs and traditions.Tourists from all around the world, with the same interest and passion for nature, have since chosen to visit and experience Albania with us. Albania Adventure guides are trained and certified by our European counterparts. Our staff is comprised of 8 outdoor adventure guides and 3 office operators, all of whom are fluent speakers of English, Italian and French. We invite you to visit and explore a genuine Albanian experience - Albania Adventure welcomes you.


Albania Adventure enables Albania’s exploration through the following activities:

Scuba Diving

An activity suitable for underwater world lovers. This seabed exploration is made possible thanks to the modern equipment our agency provides. This experience is definitely going to be memorable. Numerous caves and shipwrecks, found along the Albanian coast, offer a diverse underwater exploration. Our diving instructors, who will always accompany you, make this experience possible even to beginner divers. It is almost impossible to leave Albania without diving at least once. Your first scuba diving excursion will, certainly, not be your last!

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An amazing means of taking in Albanian sea and lake exploration is by kayak. Paddling by the force of your arms and at the pace that you like - along with Albania Adventure professional kayak guides - you will traverse beaches, bays, and caves which cannot be reached by land. The two-seat professional kayaks are ideal for sea exploration, and are equipped with spacious barrels, 50 lt, to store food and all necessary equipment for the duration of this activity.

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Stand Up Paddle Monster

What is a Stand Up Paddle Monster, you ask?  It is a 16 ft, giant-inflatable board that can carry up to 8 passengers.  All you have to do is stand, paddle, and have the time of your life! This fun-packed, high energy activity is ideal for team building or a group of friends. This trip is made for good times and some big laughs! Paddle into the waves or explore our stunning coastline, caves, and virgin beaches. No matter whether you are an experienced water person or a beginner, this trip will give you lasting memories.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a recent sport in Albania which is performed in steep slopes. Ropes and safety equipment are required since a perfect combination of force and technique is needed. Gjipe is a place found in southern Albania. Rock climbing and the spectacular landscape can be enjoyed simultaneously here. The beach and canyon of Gjipe are situated between the beaches of  Dhermi and Jala. In cooperation with Globo Alpin, Albania Adventure has created more than 70 rock climbing itineraries. It is a tourist attraction frequented by climbers from all around the world nowadays.

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A relatively long route activity, varying from 3 to 15 days. The days start early in the morning and finish in the late afternoon. From the very first day till the last one, the only contact is with nature. The Alps and highlands are the appropriate places for trekking purposes. The group always sleeps in tents while trekking. Food is also prepared in the camping tents.

First thing in the mornings is to dismantle the tents, load them on mules in order to be set up again in the evening when we reach the destination specified in advance. During trekking we go to no restaurants or hotels. This activity is suitable only for people who are easily adapted to nature and are able to cooperate and live in group.

Our agency possesses all the necessary camping equipment and organizes tours for a minimum of one or two participants and a maximum of 150 participants. It is worth mentioning here the excellent experience of the worldwide known company Salewa, which led this experience for its staff.

In order to enjoy the trekking adventure to the maximum, the ideal number of participants would be 8-12. Trekking is one of the most interesting ways to explore Albania and be in contact with nature.

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Hiking in the Albanian Alps soon becomes a pursuit of paths and high peaks. Hiking trips vary in length, from 1 to 12 days. Our guests are accommodated in hotels and guesthouses, where breakfast and dinner are served, Because lunch is carried along the hike, a practical meal is recommended. To reach closer to the mountain climbing tracks, 4x4 vehicles are used, whereas trekking mules or horses are used for hauling kitchen equipment, food, and  needed camping equipment. Hiking requires good physical preparation, which is supervised by our professional team. 

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Snowshoeing is the ideal means of walking across snowbeds, forests, and hills in Albania during winter months. Previous snowshoeing experience is not required, so this is the perfect excursion to enjoy family and friends who have little or no outdoor sporting experience. The wondrous snowy sights will undoubtedly remain in your hearts for years to come.

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Ski Touring

Winter ski touring is a relatively new sport in Albania. The virgin mountainous territory entices the eye and spirit of natural beauty and they offer an adventure beyond the imagination. Experience and technical preparation are essential for ski touring in Albania. Flexibility and responsibility are also important to safety and full enjoyment.

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Off Road

To us it is a passion more than a sport. Albania offers one of the most perfect territories in the Balkans to perform this sport. The magnificent views change continuously within a few-hour-drive. By 4x4 motor vehicles, we explore roads which can hardly be called as such. These vehicles are modified to be driven in rough terrain, which are often too extreme. This adventure runs through fields, rivers and mountains which have not been stepped for decades, probably. Our Off Road adventure guides, who will accompany you in this adventure, have all participated in international competitions organized by Rally Albania since its genesis in Albania. They are winners of more than 10 first prizes, second and third as well.

If you choose to explore Albania by Off Road adventure, we will make it possible for you, either as a passenger or as a driver of 4x4 vehicles.

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Cycling experience in unforgettable in Albania because you are very close to nature and rural inhabitants. The track passes through roads that wind through mountains and forests. We will be cycling along rivers and will be accompanied by their marvelous sounds. The stunning views of south coastline will be part of this activity. We will have the possibility to visit ancient cities, small villages, scenic natural parks and also World Heritage Sites declared as such by UNESCO.

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Our tour operator specializes in organizing cultural tours so that visitors in our country are offered the opportunity to know the Albanian historical and cultural heritage. When visiting the numerous archaeological and historical sites of Albania, visitors often have a feeling of going back in time. Ancient ruins and cities like legendary castles, Paleo-Christian churches, Byzantine monasteries and medieval mosques are protected by UNESCO nowadays. These antique sites are distinguishable features of Albanian history, one of the ancient countries in the Mediterranean.

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Multi Activity

In case you decide to actively spend your holidays the ideal choice would be the Multi Activity Tour. If such an itinerary is your choice, it is going to be beneficial because all the above mentioned activities are included. All you need to do is to choose the season you want to visit and explore together the Albanian natural beauty.

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Dear friends, we invite you to explore Albania with Albania Adventure.