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Tour program: 

Trekking Tour, 9 days / 8 nights.

Albania is perhaps one of the most far off beaten track places to be found for trekking in Europe. The scenery of Albania is simply stunning and the Highlander locals are very hospitable. To really enjoy trekking adventure sometimes it is necessary to go to far-flung places, however trekking in Albania is a unique revelation.

In order to plan your trekking experience, Albania Adventure tour operator guaranties a lifelong memorable adventure.

Day 1: 

“Mother Theresa” International Airport – Vermosh

Albania Adventure guides will collect you from “Mother Theresa” International Airport to continue our journey towards Vermosh, which is the most secluded northern village of Albania. It is established on the Albania-Montenegro border.

It was a place entirely abandoned during totalitarian era in Albania. During our stay there, we will have the true feeling of reliving the past because of the well preserved stone houses. It is a 5-hour-and-a half 4x4 vehicle drive. We will be feeling the adrenalin running through the veins as the last driving hours are a true off-road adventure. Once reaching Vermosh, we put up the tents for our two-night stay, where we will enjoy lunch as well.

In the afternoon we will be able to explore the village and the church of Vermosh.

Afterwards we return to our camp and discuss about the following day’s schedule. Dinner will be prepared and enjoyed by swapping stories around the campfire.

Day 2: 

Vermosh – Markule Summit

Altitude: 2186 m

Duration: 8-9 hours

Difficulty level: T3      

We leave at dawn along a path which goes through the Black Peak and Perbica Mountain. By following this path we reach Markule summit, at 2186 m altitude. Brilliant landscapes will be part of our trekking adventure, which will be stored in your memory for long. This is certainly going to be an unforgettable experience for adventurers who adore true and wild nature.

Return to Vermosh village through Kui summit. We arrive at the camp to fully enjoy a delicious barbecue meal.


Day 3: 

Vermosh – Gebreni Summit – Lepush

Altitude: 1836 m

At 7:00 am, we depart from Vermosh in order to reach our next destination, Lepush. This region is 1262 m above sea level in northern Albania, in the district of Malesi e Madhe (Great Highland), on Albania-Montenegro border.

To reach this destination, Gebreni summit must be passed, at an altitude of 1839 m above sea level and at a T2 difficulty level. When there, we descent through Bordoleci notch to finally reach Lepush village. This village, situated in a distant valley in the heart of Albanian Alps, seems to have survived throughout the years. It is precisely here where our camp will be put up, in a small valley offering splendid panorama.

Day 4: 

Lepush – Koprishti Holes

Altitude: 1960 m

The day starts early, at dawn, by dismantling the tents and being headed towards Koprishti holes, at an altitude of 1960 m above sea level and a T3 difficulty level. Two mules will transport the camping equipment.

We have a short lunch break to progress afterwards with our adventure in the direction of Koprishti holes. Our camp will be put up the near dairy farms which operate during summer, a tradition which continues for centuries.



Day 5: 

Koprishti Holes 1960 m – Peja lake 1640 m

We dismantle the tents early in the morning and later we will be fully furnished with fresh water as there is no chance during the day until we finally reach our destination in the evening. The mules will transport the water supply and other materials.

This trek will take seven hours, at least, at a T3 difficulty level. On our way, we walk through a pass between two mountains, Prozmi summit, 2452 m and Great Peak 2552 m above sea level. Afterwards we enjoy a picnic lunch. Arapi summit will be our ‘guide’ for a long time as we will be directed towards Peja lake, at a lower sea level, 1640 m.

Different from previous nights, the camp is already put up by other Albania Adventure guides, who have arrived there from another valley and have already prepared us a well-deserved dinner to be enjoyed around the campfire.

Day 6: 

Peja lake, 1640 m – Jezerca summit, 2692 m

This is obviously going to be the most challenging day as we are trekking across the highest mountain of the Albanian Alps. At an altitude of 2692 m, it seems as its peak touches the sky. We set off early so as to avoid the hot trekking hours.

We leave Peja lake to start marching towards Jezerca summit, 2692 m. The adventure for this day will last approximately 10-11 hours, at a T5 difficulty level.

The scenery from Jezerca mountaintop is extraordinary. Trekking towards this summit is otherwise called as the Queen of our Alps. This will also be your trophy of your adventure in Albania. Apart from the spectacular view from the top, there is also a metal box with a notebook inside in which all the mountaineers write down their names.

After a short lunch break, we will be headed towards the small village of Okoli, the highest spot of Thethi valley. We find the camp already put up by Albania Adventure guides. The night will be spent around the campfire.


Day 7: 

Okol - Theth - Okol

This day is going to be relatively quiet as it is mostly dedicated to strolling and being acquainted with the well-known village of Thethi , which is otherwise called as “Europe’s last Paradise”. The village is located in the northernmost part of Shala valley, among the Alps, providing breathtaking scenery. The area’s natural resources are closely connected with the historic and cultural heritage of local residents, laying in this way the most important foundations for tourism promotion. George Heinshemer, the famous mountaineer, in his writings considered Thethi as the most suitable place for tourism among Accursed mountains (Bjeshket e Namuna), comparing it with the most beautiful places of Tyrol, Austria. Once arriving there, you are about to be bewitched by the most breathtaking alpine landscapes.

During this day’s itinerary we are visiting the Old water mill, the Church - which is one of Thethi’s symbols, the Isolation tower and Thethi’s waterfall. We will enjoy a very delicious and special lunch consisting of fresh grilled trout.

In the evening, around the campfire, we will be discussing about this wild and impressive adventure experienced in the Albanian Alps.

Day 8: 

Theth - Tirana City

In the morning our camp will be dismantled so as to be headed towards the capital of Albania, Tirane. This day is going to be different as we are returning to civilization.

After being accommodated at a hotel near the center of Tirana, we will have the opportunity to be acquainted with Tirana city. We will stroll along broad boulevards, visit the monumental mosaic which decorates the national museum walls and symbolizes the glory of Albanian Independence. Our course diverts towards the Block area. It is the location of former Communist dictator’s villa-Enver Hoxha. During the period of his rule, the area was only reserved for government officials and the general public could not enter. After Hoxha's death, the area was reopened and is now a popular hangout destination. This is the most vibrant area of the city, with many bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Day 9: 

Tirane – “Mother Theresa” International Airport

Based on your flight schedule we depart in the direction of “Mother Theresa” International Airport.


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