Stand up Paddle, Wild Bay.

Stand up Paddle Monster is a 16ft-giant-inflatable board that can float up to 8 people, all you have to do is stand up and paddle and have a lot of fun! Perfect for team building or grab a group of friends and get ready for some big laughs! Paddle into the waves or explore our stunning coastline, caves and virgin beaches. No matter whether you are an experienced water person or a beginner, this guarantees great times and lasting memories.

You will be meeting our guides on the beach of Drymades, where our Adventure Point is located. Once having met, we will take a 40-minute-drive to start in this way our Stand up Paddle adventure. As soon as we reach our destination, a short introduction for about 15 minutes will be organized in order to become familiar with the correct use of Stand up Paddle and the required equipment for this adventure.

It is time for our exploring adventure towards Wild bay to begin once we have put on the vests. Shortly after we have started our adventure, tiny beaches will reveal in front of us. Most of the cases, it is unnecessary to make use of sunshades here as rugged cliffs stretch out above our heads. We will continue paddling towards another beach, which in difference from the other ones is very distinguishable for its source. Due to the fact that this source is found a few centimeters above the sea level – in difference from other beaches whose sources are positioned at the same sea level – it gives us the opportunity to drink fresh running water. Rugged cliffs can be noticed on one side of the beach and in front of them there are other ones which can serve as a good place to dive into the sea. We will progress with our visit to the “Pigeons Cave” inside which two tiny beaches are found. After reaching this destination by stand up paddling, we will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. In the course of this adventure, other beaches will be visited. Return to Drymades in the afternoon.

Price for this adventure is: 40 € per person.

Group minimum: 5 people.

Group maximum: 21 people.


  • Transport from Drymades beach to the starting point & turn back.
  • Stand up Paddle and the necessary equipment for this activity
  • Professional Stand up Guides, fluent in English, French and Italian.

Not included:

  • Drinks and snacks.

You need to have:

  • Hat
  • Sun block
  • Water 1.5 l
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach shoes