Albania holds a delightful secret! This beautiful country hosts mountainous territory of ski touring untarnished by crowds and traffic. Nicely tucked away from heavily commercialized touristic sites, the Valbona Valley remains a graceful getaway, untouched by modernity. Its stunning landscapes of mountains, caverns, rivers, and ski slopes are astonishingly beautiful. Discover with ski touring Albania’s finest treasure, its secluded beauty, and peaceful countryside, and acquaint yourself with the legendary hospitality and simplicity of the residents of Radomire.

Price: … €/person

This price is available for a minimum of 8 people


  • 4WD transfers during all the tour in Albania.
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (5 nights in guesthouses & the last night in hotel in Tirana)
  • Meals: 6 x breakfasts, 5 x lunches (on the ski days is packed lunch), 5 x dinners.
  • Ski touring  guide.
  • GPS itineraries .

Prior experience is highly recommended, as well as a good sense of self-responsibility and precaution. The area is primitive and for this reason, the transport is organized with 4×4 modified vehicles. The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1

You will be greeted by our guides at Tirana International Airport. The vehicles used for this tour will be 4×4 modified and adapted for wild terrains. The first destination is Ramidore village, located at 1,270 m altitude.

This village lies at the foot of Korabi Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Albania, 2.764 m altitude. The drive takes approximately 5 hours.

Guesthouse accommodation is provided.

Day 2


Once we consume our breakfast and everyone has prepared his equipment, we will begin the ascent to Mount Korab 2764 m.

Accommodation in Radomire.

Day 3


Small Korab is a peak of Mount Korab located both in Albania and North Macedonia. The height of Small Korab is 2,683m above sea level and is located along the main ridge of Mount Korab.

As soon as we finish skiing we will leave Radomira to go in direction of Valbona Valley, a hidden gem resting at the foot of the Albanian Alps.

The road to Valbona will be driven with our 4×4 vehicles, as we follow a forgotten route. This trip will take 4 hours, with stops made in several small villages and towns, nearly unpopulated. A major part of the journey will be carried out along Fierza Lake, which offers a stunning panorama – a photographer’s delight! Upon arrival, you will be taken to a warm and inviting guest house.

Upon arrival, you will be taken to your warm and inviting guest house.

Day 4


Early in the morning after everyone has prepared his personal equipment we will be leaving toward the Top of Ros, a picturesque peak of the Albanian Alps, 2524 m.

Today will be especially beautiful since this peak rises in the heart of the Alps and offers a fantastic view of the Albanian Dinaric Alps.

Accommodation in Valbona.

Day 5


With 4×4 the guides will transfer you at the starting point of your activity.

Grykat e Hapta is a mountain in the Albanian Alps (Tropojë district) with the highest peak “Ismet Sali Bruçaj” (2625 m, second after Jezerca).

It lies between the upper part of the Valbona valley in the north and the Nikaj valley in the south.

Accommodation in Valbona.

Day 6

After breakfast we will depart in direction of Fierza.

It will take us 1 hour driving to go in Fierza and take the ferry to Komani Lake.

We will sail for around 3 hours in Koman Lake, rounded with wild mountains, closely resembles with Norwegian fjords. The panorama here is considered as a gem of Albanian natural beauties.

Lunch will be in a nice restaurant in the lake shore.

Upon arrival in Tirana and be accommodated in a nice hotel, in very good location we will continue with the city tour of Tirana.

Visit the main boulevard of the city, the monument of the National hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a number of historic buildings such as the Mosque of Et’hem Bej, the Clock Tower which is 35 m high and was built in 1830.

A small deviation toward the area of the Block will take us through a stroll near the house of former dictator Enver Hoxha. This is the most vibrant area of the city, with many bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Day 7

Depending on your flights schedule, Albania Adventure guides will accompany you to “Mother Tereza” International Airport.