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Tour program: 

Albanian Mountains remains a virgin territory for skiing adventures. In Albania you will find huge Mountains which are probably the lasts in Europe, which are not yet reached by adventurous skiers.The most appropriate period to organize these tours is in: January, February & March.

During the recent years Ski tours in Albania are more required than ever. Skiing in Albania isn't developed, despite a very convenient territory.

In Albania there are no maps with Ski itineraries, not to speak of the Mountain rescue services, therefore each person must be professional skier with a flexibility and responsibility for himself.


Day 1: 

Airport " Mother Tereza " - Radomire Village

Albania Adventure guides will wait for you at "Mother Tereza" Airport and we will continue our journey toward the Northern village of Ramidore.

Radomire village lies at the foot of Korab Mountain, the highest Mountain of Albania,  standing at 2,764 metres (9,068 ft) elevation above sea level on the border with the Republic of North Macedonia.

The best cars to travel to the village of Radomire are 4x4 vehicles, because the last kilometers of this route are difficult, and the situation is worse in Winter. Accommodation in a friendly guesthouse.

Day 2: 

Radomir - Mount Korab

Once we consume our breakfast and everyone has prepared his equipment, we will begin the ascent to Mount Korab from 1270 m to 2764 m.

The climbing will be done from the South-Western side. This side of Korab is not beaten by the sun till late, which enables skiing for several hours more.

Day 3: 

Radomire - Mount Korab.

Today the departure will be early. With our 4 x 4 vehicles we will follow an old trail, completely off the road, to climb up to a height of 1550 m, because today we will climb the other side of Korab, that of the North - East.

During today our landscape will be at all times from Macedonia side, as we will be very close to the border line.

In the afternoon we will return to the village, where we will do a walk to visit the fascist mosque, built by the inhabitants of the village.

Day 4: 

Radomir - Valbona Valley

We will leave early from Radomire toward Valbona Valley at 810 m, another pearl at the foot of the Albanian Alps. The route to Valbona will be with our 4 x 4 vehicles, as we will follow a segment almost forgotten in this part of Northern Albania.

The journey will last about 5-6 hours, where during this course we will have the opportunity to visit many small villages and towns that are almost abandoned. A large part of the journey will be carried out along Fierza Lake, which will offer us an infinite number of stunning panorama. As soon as we arrive there we will accommodate in a nice and warm host home.

Day 5: 

Valbone - Top of Ros

Early in the morning after everyone has prepared his personal equipment we will be leaving toward the Top of Ros, a picturesque peak of the Albanian Alps, 2524 m.

Today will be especially beautiful since this peak rises in the heart of the Alps and offers a fantastic view of the Albanian Dinaric Alps.

Day 6: 

Valbone - Peak of Popluk

Early morning we will be leaving toward Popluk’s Peak, 2569 m. We will have to climb a good part of Valbona Valley and then towards Popluk, by entering more and more deeply into the Albanian Alps.

Accommodation again in Valbona, into a host local house.

Day 7: 

Valbone valley - Tirana City

We must travel for about 1 hour toward Koman Lake to take the boat. This journey will last for about 3 hours. Amazing views will accompany you during all the trip. The panorama here is considered as one of the pearls of Albanian beauties.

Accommodation in a hotel in very good location. A visit  to the city, including here a visit to the wide boulevards, monumental mosaic found in the National Museum walls that describes beautifully the glory of The Independence of Albania.

A small deviation toward the area of the block, referred to the previous nomenclature of the communist regime in Albania, and a walk in the house of former dictator Enver Hoxha. This is the most vibrant area of the city, with many bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Day 8: 

Tirana International Airport “Mother Tereza”

Based on your departure flight schedule, the guide will accompany you to the "Mother Tereza" Airport .

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