Ski Tour in the Village of Radomire and the Valbona Valley

Albania holds a delightful secret!  This beautiful country hosts mountainous territory of ski untarnished by crowds and traffic.  Nicely tucked away from heavily commercialized touristic sites, the Valbona Valley remains a graceful getaway, untouched by modernity. Its stunning landscapes of mountains, caverns, rivers and ski slopes are astonishingly beautiful. Discover Albania’s finest treasure, its virgin beauty and peaceful countryside, and acquaint yourself with the legendary hospitality and simplicity of the residents of Radomire.  Journey with us to a page of life reminiscent of the past.









Seven day ski excursion

Prior experience is highly recommended, as well as a good sense of self-responsibility and precaution. The area is primitive and for this reason the transport is organized with 4x4 modified vehicles. The itinerary as follows:

Day 1

You will be greeted our guides at "Mother Tereza" International Airport in Tirana. From there, a 4x4 vehicle will transport you to the northern village of Ramidore, which is located at 1,270 m altitude. Radomire village lies at the foot of Korab Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Albania, with a 2,764 m altitude. The drive takes approximately 5-6 hours.

Guest house accommodation is provided.

Day 2

Skiing in Radomire.

Day 3

Skiing in Radomire.

Day 4

Skiing in Radomire, with an afternoon departure to the Valbona Valley.

The Valbona Valley is a pearl resting at the foot of the Albanian Alps. The road to Valbona will be driven with our 4x4 vehicles, as we follow a route almost forgotten in time. This trip will take 4-5 hours, with stops made in a number of small villages and towns, nearly unpopulated. A major portion of the journey will be carried out along Fierza Lake, which offers a stunning panorama - a photographer’s delight! Upon arrival, you will be taken to your warm and inviting guest house.

Day 5 

Skiing in Valbona valley

Day 6

Skiing in Valbona valley

Day 7

Valbona Valley -Tirana, the Albania capital

We must travel for about 1 hour toward Lake Koman to take the boat. During these 3 hours journey, we will be acquainted with the Lake Koman, who will resemble us the Norwegian fjords. The panorama here is considered one of the pearls of Albanian beauties.

After reaching Tirana, we will be accommodate in a hotel close to the center. Later we will visit the city, including here a visit to the wide boulevards, monumental mosaic found in the national museum walls that describes beautifully the glory of The Independence of Albania.

A small deviation toward the area of the block, referred to the previous nomenclature of the communist regime in Albania, and a walk in the house of former dictator Enver Hoxha. This is the most vibrant area of the city, with many bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Day 8

On this last day of the tour, the Albania Adventure guide will accompany you to "Mother Tereza" International Airport.

Price for 8 people or more is: 698 €/person

This price includes the following services:

  • 4WD transfers during all the tour in Albania.
  • Accommodation for 7 nights.
  • Full board: 7 x breakfasts, 6 x lunches (on the ski days is packed lunch), 7 x dinners.
  • A local guide, who will handle the entire logistics part.
  • Itineraries in GPS.

This price dose not include:

  • Alpine guide.
  • Alcoholic & soft drinks.