Sea Kayaking Tour, forgotten beaches and bays of the Albanian Riviera

Tour program: 

8 days / 7 nights

Day 1: 

Tirana - Vlora

The arrival of the group in Tirana airport "Nene Tereza", will be expected by our guides.

Then we will continue our trip towards the coastal city of Vlora, which is located in Southern Albania. The journey will last 2 hours and 30 min by car. During this day we will visit the beaches and the city of Vlora.

Dinner will be served in a sea-line hotel-restaurant.


Day 2: 

Vlora - Bristani’s Bay - Grama’s Bay

The departure will be early around 6:00 with our 4x4 vehicles, where for two hours we will pass through an off-road trail that is possible to be done only with these cars.

Bristan arrival and kayak preparation.

The entire group will receive the necessary instructions for a correct driving and safety measures. Then we will start our voyage towards Grama beach, a trip which will last 4-5 hours, this is due to the stoppages that will be made in small stunning beaches which can be accessed only by sea.

The final destination of this day with kayak will be Grama’s Bay. Here will be set up our camp and our tents. This will be for you a special outdoor adventure. The only way to arrive in this bay is by sea or through a path already forgotten for many decades.

Grama name is associated clearly with engraved inscriptions since ancient time, rocky inscriptions were numerous within the Grama’s Bay, and it counts more than 1500 inscriptions. Greek inscriptions are centuries years old and belong to the last centuries before Christ, enriched by some Latin inscriptions of the imperial period, even before that Greek medieval inscription was prevalent where most of the times their inscriptions were directed to Jesus Christ.

Ancient inscriptions in Greek language were directed to the Dioskurs, Castor and Pollux, who were Pagan Gods, protector of seafarers and shipping. Medieval inscriptions, written in greek, are prayers directed to Jesus Christ, generally with the formula "Lord, help your servants."

Day 3: 

Grama Bay - Drymades Beach

The departure from Grama to Drymades beach.

This day will be more intense than the first day after we will have to sail around 3 hours and 30 min, but only with two possibilities for a rest, because between Grame and Drimadhes there are only two beaches, that of St.Andrew and White Streets. Once we arrive in Drymades a lunch of fresh fish in a sea-line summer restaurant will be waiting for us.

The afternoon will be spent at the wonderful beach of Drimadhes and dinner again in a sea-line hotel-restaurant.

Day 4: 

Drymades Beach - Jala Beach

The departure from Drymades this morning will be calmer and will become more leisurely than other days, as the sea in this part of southern Albania is quieter too. We are going by this way to Dhermi beach and the Pirate's Cave. Once we visit the cave inside with the kayaks will be leaving toward the fantastic canyon of Gjipea, named differently from us “The Garden of the Gods".

Here you will have a nice barbecue for lunch and here will pass almost all day. In the afternoon we will continue our sailing with kayak towards the coastal village of Jale, but stopping before to the beach and special cave of figs, a beach which has no way to be reached by the ground.

Also before we arrive to Jala we will see some other small beaches.

The dinner will be served at the restaurant with fresh fish and seafood as well as the accommodation will be in the hotel.

Day 5: 

Jale Beach - The coastal town of Himara

The departure will be around 9:00 toward the beach and the coastal town of Himara.

This day we will have the opportunity to visit some beaches such as “The mirrors beach” and Livadhe Beach.

Lunch will be eaten in the coastal village of Livadh. Then we will departure for Himara, where we will be there after 4-5 hours including breaks through small beaches.

We will accommodate in hotel there and will be able to visit the town and its castle.

Dinner and night will be in a beautiful sea-line hotel restaurant.

Day 6: 

Himara Town - Porto Palermo Peninsula

We will be leaving toward Peninsula of Porto Palermo.

This day in kayak will last about 5 hours and in this segment will be able to visit the largest number of small beaches.

The accommodation will be in a small resort village with small wooden cottages.

We will visit the famous Castle of Ali Pasha. This is the castle of which Edmond Dantes speaks in his masterpiece, "The Count of Monte Christo's".

The day will be over in one of the small beaches near Porto Palermo.

Day 7: 

Porto Palermo Peninsula – Borshi Beach

We will start this day around 8:00.

After we will pass several small beaches between the craggy rocks we will reach the white lying beach of Qeparo, where we will stop for lunch in a local summer restaurant.

After lunch we will continue our adventure with kayak toward the beautiful beach of Borsh where we will have dinner and pass the night in a restaurant.

Day 8: 

Borshi Beach - "Nene Tereza" Airport 

Depending on your flight schedule we will depart toward "Nene Tereza" Airport.


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