8 days / 7 nights

This adventure will be entirely dedicated to Rock Climbing. Your rock climbing experiences do not get better than this! Climb in one of the most spectacular areas in the world, Gjipe Beach, which is located at the mouth of a large canyon featuring some of the best climbing in Albania. Routes range in difficulty from 4 – 7b+, so whether you are a novice climber or if you are an experienced veteran, there are routes for you.

Gjipe offers adventure with solace. It is removed from the world allowing you to enjoy nature and tranquility along with great adventure. You will definitely have an unforgettable climbing experience. Sharing meals on the beach will strengthen old friendships and forge new ones. Therefore there is no time to lose, get ready and join Albania Adventure tour operator for a stunning adventure.

 All the necessary equipment during this experience will be provided by Albania Adventure Tour Operator. In case you possess the climbing equipment you can bring them along.

During our stay in Gjipe, in the afternoons we can profit to organize visits like: visit to Porto Palermo Peninsula & Ali Pasha Castel, visit to Himara town and to the Castle of Himara & visit to Jala bay.

Price for group with minimum 7 people is: … € / person


  • Transport for all the tour, from/to the airport.
  • Accomodation 7 nights in tents, in Gjipe beach.
  • Full board, (always in camp).
  • Climbing, Canyoning & necessary equipment to carry it out.
  • Professional Guides that speaks fluent English, French & Italian.
  • Visit to Porto Palermo Peninsula, Ali Pasha Castle, Jala Bay, Himara town and Castle of Himara.

Day 1

Tirana International Airport – Canyon & Beach of Gjipe

Once you have met Albania Adventure at “Mother Theresa” International Airport, you are about to start the vibrant Rock Climbing experience. We will be headed towards the coastal Canyon & beach of Gjipe, which is situated in the southern coast of Albania.

Having reached this destination, we will set up our campsite, relax and enjoy the amazing beach.

Day 2

CLIMBING – Canyon & Beach of Gjipe

More than 70 climbing itineraries have been accomplished by Albania Adventure guides in this area. 

Gjipe beach is the spot in which all the rock climbing experiences are accomplished in southern Albania. 

“Garten Eden” is the first sector to be climbed once having reached Gjipe beach and prepared our personal equipment.  Apart from the electrifying rock climbing experience, it is impossible not to be dazzled by the magnificent scenery of Gjipe bay in this sector when reaching the peak.

Considered as a pearl of Albanian Riviera, we will have lunch on the beach which has a wild, simple and kind of alternative atmosphere, clear emerald water and a majestic staging, nestled among the rocky cliffs whose color ranges from red to grey and white, dotted with the green of the shrubs.

Day 3


Climbing “Pfeiler” sector, in which a 7a+ itinerary can be found, is a challenging escapade. Sunbathing in this segment is also another option as it is almost totally exposed to the sunrays before noon. It is worth mentioning here that this sector has been called “Hyperventilator” as it is also windswept all the time.  

“Rote Wand” is the other sector to be followed after enjoying lunch and relaxation. Another itinerary called “Che Vita” is also found here. At an altitude of 83 m above sea level the panorama of  Gjipe bay is spectacular.

Day 4


You will feel  adrenaline running through the veins while climbing “Ladi” sector with more than 15 climbing itineraries accomplished, at a difficulty level 5b-7a+. Fantastic photos of Gjipe canyon are possible to be taken once reaching a “balcony” in this sector to carry on with our challenge.

Day 5


Proceeding with our climbing adventure, this day is definitely going to be different. In the morning canyoning thrills will be experienced along Gjipe canyon. This experience totally depends on the season you decide to visit Albania. To fully enjoy and accomplish this adventure the most suitable seasons are spring and autumn, because it is very watery in winter and in the summer it is very dry.

This adventure will last four hours on average. We will be enjoying lunch on the canyon breeze. In the afternoon we will get pleasure from the beach and the crystal blue sea.

Day 6


This day’s rock climbing is located in “Rio” sector. Positioned in the canyon’s interior part, this sector will be climbed in the shadow the entire day.

Because new itineraries are added every year in this sector, we will be having more than 10 of them here, from 5c to 7a difficulty level.

Day 7


Rock Climbing this day will be really different from other days, as it will be passed in the “Mare”, a sector with 9 routes, which are not more than 3 m away from the sea waves. The height of these routes is from 8 to 18 m. The position of this sector makes it different from the other sectors and really impressive too.

Day 8

Tirana International Airport.

Depending on your departure flight schedule, we leave Gjipe towards “Mother Theresa” Airport.