7500 ALL

off road in tirana - feken - bize

Early in the morning, near the center of Tirana city, you will meet our guides and after a short introduction with our team you are ready to start the 4×4 Adventure.
The vehicles that we use are 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, 4 and 8 seats, modified for the most wildest terrains.
We will ahead towards Dajti Mountain in asphalted road for around 1 hour drive. It’s there where our 4×4 adventure will be started.
The Off Road itinerary is 200 km round trip and it will last around 6-7 hours, where 5 hours of that trip will be really off road.
This day will pass through mountains and hills where will achieve inexperienced inner peace. There will be hours in this trip where we almost are not going to meet anyone except any shepherd.
We will visit the Vali cave, a natural monument protected by the National Agency of Protected Areas.
In this cave ends the river of Biza. The river flows at the entrance of the cave and then disappears in the in the depths of the earth. The cave itself is mostly dry. Only when it rains heavy the cave is filled with water.
The water enters with force into the cave and then disappears through the underground labyrinths inside the cave. When the cave is dry at the bottom of it creates a small pond.
During the off road itinerary to visit Vali cave we will see the amazing view of Mali me Gropa.
After that our next destination will be Bize e Martaneshit where we will visit Teqehja Ballëm Sulltani, holy place for Bektashi believers. There we will consume our packed lunch or we can do the barbeque, this as you will decided before the trip with the our guides.
In afternoon turn back in Tirana, where we will follow the itinerary from Shen Gjergji village.
Price: 7500 ALL/person

Note: This price is available for a minimum of 4 people.


  • Off Road itinerary as mentioned in the program accompanied with our Off road guide.