Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure and join us in our Night Dive itinerary!

If you pay attention to your surrounding environment, almost everything changes after the sun go down.

Diving at night opens the doors to see all sorts of marine animals, such as Sea Bass, Grouper, Moray, Lobster, Craw fish, Sea Snail, fish passage, and many others depending on the season.

The temperature of the water in the Ionian Sea is the following depending on the season and month: 17-18⁰C in March – June, 18-20⁰C in July – August, and 20-22⁰C in September – October.

You should have Advanced Diver certificate or at least Night Diver certificate.

Price: 60 Eur/person.

Included: Full equipment.

This price is valid during the period May to October, when our Adventure Point in South coastline is Open.

Meeting Point. Click here for the location.