Departure from Tirana. Our first destination will be the Cape of Rodon which is a rocky cape on the Adriatic Sea north of Durres, Albania. On this Cape is the Rodoni Castel, built by Skanderbeg in 1463 and a Saint Anthony Church.

This will be a Mix Adventure Day: 4WD Off Road, Trekking & Culture, we can make a quite walk for about 1 hour, to arrive so in the the furthest point of the Cape, where is builded the Castel of Rodon or Skanderbeg Castel.

We will continue our trip toward the city of Kruje, one of the most important tourist centers in Albania.

Kruja is a very ancient city dating back three centuries before Christ. This city is characterized not only for the particular geographical relief, and impressive fortress, but for many traditions transmitted from generation to generation.

Kruja is known as the capital of resistance against the Ottoman invaders, and Skanderbeg for being the leader of this resistance. The city is rich in cultural and Ethnographic monuments, and is also a rich archaeological area. Kruja was declared the “hero” city and the “museum” city because bears priceless values. The Castle of the city and its historical museum, the characteristic way how the Old Bazaar is arranged, the Ethnographic Museum, but also a number of cult objects are very important objects, which arouse great interest to visitors. Another distinction of this city is its outfits, the characteristic weaving, and the handicrafts in copper, gold and silver etc. In the afternoon we will depart toward Tirana.

4WD vehicles that will be used during this activity are as follows: 4, 6 and 8 seats.

The price for this event is: 60 € / person.

The minimum number of persons to start this activity is 4.


  • Activities: Off Road 4WD, Trekking & Culture.
  • Accompany by professional guides, they can speak fluent english, french & italian.

Not include:

  • Drinks & snacks.