Day 1

You will meet our guides at Tirana International Airport to continue toward the most important city in North Albania, Shkoder.

In Shkodra you will visit the Cathedral of Shkodra, called Great Church, this because at the time of construction, was one of the largest Churches in the Balkans. The next visit will be to the Mosque, called New Mosque, Ebu Bekr, which is the largest in Albania and among the largest in the Balkans. Worth mentioning that one of the greatest values of the Albanian people is coexistence and religious tolerance. Also a quiet walking in the “Pedonale” boulevard, the most famous boulevards of the city.

Day 2


In the morning you will depart towards Albanian Alps, Theth, called by foreign tourists “Last Paradise Europe”. The village is located north of the Shala Valley, between the Alps with a rare beauty. Natural resources of this area are linked together with the cultural and historical heritage of local residents, thus forming, the most important bases for the development of tourism.

Set among the peaks of the Shala mountains, Theth is isolated, and in times of snow, practically inaccessible. Despite this situation, using our 4WD vehicles modified for wild and difficult terrain we are lucky to explore Thethi valley along all the year.

Passing through the valley of Boga you will start hiking from the Sheep path 1670 m to 1822 m altitude, and then to go down to Thethi valley 900 m altitude.

Accommodation in guesthouse in Theth.

Distance: 10 km.

Duration: 5 hours.

Difficulty level: T3.

Day 3

HIKING – Thethi Valley, Old Mill, Thethi Church, which is also one of the symbols of this village, Lock-in Tower & Waterfall of Grunas.

Lock-in Tower is typical of this area. A fortress built at the end of the village and used by the whole village. It was home to those families who were forced to close because of blood feuds there (all men over age 14).

Today the tower is the most visited and is located in an area with great tourist value.

Starting from Okol 900 m to 730 m altitude. The highest point that we will hike this day is 1000 m.

Distance: 13 km, round trip.

Duration: 6 hours.

Difficulty level: T1+.

Day 4

Hiking Theth – Peja Pass.

Starting early in the morning from Thethi 900 m to Peja Pass 1900 m altitude. This is one of the most beautiful trails in the Albanian Alps. Fantastic landscapes will appear along this itinerary and at top of the pass will be shown in front of us the view of Thethi valley.

Accommodation in Theth, in guesthouse, where we will enjoy local traditional food.

Distance: 11 km, round trip.

Duration: 7 – 8 hours.

Difficulty level: T2+.

Day 5

HIKING THETH – Visit, Blue Eye.

Blue Eye is one of the rare beauties of Albania nature. Is formed by the Black River, which originates in the Black Peak and is formed by the erosion of rock by water that comes down from the mountain. We will start hiking from Okol 900 m to go down to 500 m and then to the Blue Eye 630 m altitude. Afternoon we will come back to the guest house at 900 m altitude. Along the itinerary, we will pass through Grunas Canyon, one of the pearls of Albanian canyons.

Distance: 24 km, round trip.

Duration: 8 – 9 hours.

Difficulty level: T3.

Day 6


It will start from Theth about 900 m to Valbona Pass 1812 m altitude, and at this point will have a wonderful view of both valleys, Valbona & Thethi valley.

Distance: 14 km, round trip.

Duration: 6-7 hours hours.

Difficulty level: T3.

Day 7

Departure from Theth Valley to “Mother Teresa” Airport.

After reaching Airport, our service finish here otherwise is our pleasure to help you for further support.