Diving Tour in Ionian coastline

Tour program: 


The best, with all due respect to the others. PSS Worldwide is one of the most important diver training agencies in the world. Born from the passion of professionals with experience in diver training more than 25 years ago, today it trains thousands and thousands of divers every year. PSS Worldwide is part of the pool of training agencies belonging to RSTC Europe that includes only the most important international agencies as its associates.

Membership to RSTC qualifies its associated organizations, by virtue of the common minimum standards, as "internationally recognized"

The Rules of PSS diving courses conform to the directives of the European Community (EN Standards) and to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). This conformity is essential in order to operate in compliance with the regulations issued within the European Community and worldwide.

PSS Worldwide deals with the training of divers at any level and in any activity, from free diving to recreational diving, from cave diving to technical diving. This great versatility allows us to satisfy the demands of all types of divers.

PSS Worldwide's educational activities belong to four educational divisions:

  • FREE DIVING: snorkeling and free diving courses.
  • RECREATIONAL: recreational diving courses using air or nitrox, not below 40 meters (130 feet) and within the no-decompression stop dive times.
  • TECHNICAL: technical diving courses using different gas mixtures, beyond any of the limits of Recreational courses.
  • EMERGENCY: courses in emergency management, general and specific to diving activities in particular.

The diving certifications you can be provided with by Albania Adventure Diving center:

Day 1: 

Geographically speaking, one thirds of Albania’s surface is coastally positioned which is ideal to organize underwater adventures. Albania’s coastline occupies a length of nearly 316 km. The best diving places are: Vlora Bay, Sazan Island and Karaburun Peninsula (this depending on sea conditions). We offer multilevel diving activities, from beginner to professional. The Albanian seas consist of a rich underwater world along tens of kilometers of coastline. It is abundant in fish, corals and other different marine animals like sea turtles, lobster and underwater reliefs. The shipwrecks found here date back in antiquity.

Airport “Mother Teresa” – Vlora city

You will meet Albania Adventure (A.A) guides at Tirana International Airport. We will head to the coastal city of Vlora, which is situated in south Albania. Vlora is one of the most cultural and economically cities of the southeastern Albania, also the second largest port, after Durres.

In afternoon we will visit the city, and we will be accommodate in a nice hotel.

Day 2: 

Vlore – Karaburun Peninsula 

We will leave early in the morning, accompanied by Albania Adventure’s 4WD vehicles, in the direction of Vlora’s fishing port.  It is here where we leave by boat towards Karaburun peninsula.

Wonderful landscapes are unavoidable throughout the boat trip as well as mountains rising on cliffs with an altitude up to 1200 m above the sea level. At the cliffs’ bottom you will be marveled by bays and beaches unspoiled by men, of which only few can be reached by land. This magnificent and unusual place will be explored by diving. It is a virgin region on the edge of Ionian and Adriatic Sea, near Haxhi Ali’s cave. This cave is named after a famous sea captain, who defended Albania from sea pirates who aimed the Albanian coasts in the fifteenth century. We will finish the day’s tour by returning to Vlora in the late afternoon where we will spend the night.

Day 3: 

Karaburun Peninsula 

Karaburun peninsula is Albania’s largest peninsula, located in Vlora county, where at the eastern side of Otranto strait, where Ionian and Adriatic sea meet. Its surface comprises 62 km2. Its fauna is composed of different types of species, such as the endangered loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) that nests on the isolated beaches of the western Ionian coasts. Also the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) have also been sighted. Vegetation is poor, but there are oak trees on the western side of the peninsula and on the plateau of Ravena (covered with pastures). The next day’s tour starts from Vlora’s fishing port early in the morning, in the direction of Karaburun peninsula. We are diving twice this day. Varka bay is the first diving point. Thanks to their temperatures, these waters are rich and diverse in fauna because of the currents coming from the two seas. We will encounter groups of fish the very few meters of diving. The more in depth we look, the more different species will be noticed as they are numerous in this place. We will later proceed with our visit to the cave, a truly amazing place, from where we dive for the second time. It is time to go back to the city of Vlora in the late afternoon. The night life of the Albanian Rivera can be fully enjoyed in the vibrant bars and clubs in Vlora.

Day 4: 

Sazan Island 

We reach the island of Sazan by boat. This area used to be a military zone during communism and because of 70 years of protection these waters have remained unexplored. Sazan is Albania’s largest island with a coastline which stretches 15 km. This is a rugged coastline with rocky components. We will dive twice this day, one in the outer part of the island and the other one in its inner part. Since 2002, the year in which the National marine park was created, the island can be reached only by special permission. More than 300 types of common species are found here, of which 60 are international ones. For more experienced divers, we will dive 30 – 35 meters in depth to discover shipwrecks of military ships. Return to Vlora city in the late afternoon.

Day 5: 

Sazan Island

Sazan Island is our destination once more, the very next morning in order to take another underwater adventure. Diving here is remarkable as you will admire the magnificent corals and aquatic plants. An outstanding diving experience through mollusks and crustaceans on the way to the underwater cave.  After visiting this underwater wonder we will later return by boat to move to another part of the island to accomplish our second dive. Finally, it is high time we enjoyed the beach and the splendid sunrays. We finish the day by going back to Vlora in the afternoon.

Day 6: 

Vlora bay. Dive at the Hospital Ship "Po"

In the Bay of Vlora, resting at a depth of 35m, lies one of the largest and most impressive wrecks in the whole Adriatic, that of the Italian hospital ship Po, sunk by British torpedo bombers on 14 March 1941. In the darkness of the night, the pilots were not aware that the ship was a hospital ship. In the attack that ensued, 21 on board the ship died, including three nurses; one of whom was Mussolini’s daughter, Edda Ciano, who was working for the Red Cross.

The tip of the shipwreck is 18 meters diving to a depth of 33 meters. It is in a protected position and away from currents.It is a 150 meter long and 2-3 dives are enough to visit whole the shipwreck.

Late in afternoon we leave Vlora to reach the Jala bay, where we will be accommodate.


Day 7: 

Jala Bay

Jala Bay, this small pearl of southern Albanian Riviera, is a magnificent combination of Albanian relief. When on Jala beach you will enjoy the breathtaking view of green hills and crystal sea waters. Jala beach has a lot to offer in terms of holidays. It is the perfect place for holiday-makers to enjoy the deep blue sea and the clear blue sky in summer.  Moreover, it is the best tourist spot to organize water sports and activities. It is exactly where your sea adventures in association with Albania adventure tour operator are initiated.  The first dive will be accomplished on the left side of Jala bay, which is bordered by numerous craggy cliffs while the second one on the right side of Jala Bay. There is also a limestone island positioned.  This tiny island is abundant in marine life.

Day 8: 

Porto Palermo Peninsula

After enjoying at the utmost our experience at Jala bay we move in the direction of  Porto Palermo tectonic peninsula. We will carry out our first dive on the right side of Ali Pasha’s castle, considered as one of the 10 most beautiful diving spots in Europe. It is totally common to encounter amphorae and other antique objects when diving. After our first dive has been accomplished we have the chance here to visit Porto Palermo’s castle.  It is situated in the bay with the same name, on the coast of Ionian sea in southern Albania. It is beautifully positioned in the Porto Palermo’s tectonic peninsula (known in antiquity as Panorma Bay). This triangle-shaped castle is positioned not far away from Qeparo village. The castle occupies an area of 150m x 400m and its walls reach up to 20 m height. Our second dive will be accomplished on the castle’s right side, in front of Porto Palermo Peninsula. In antiquity ships used this area to be protected by storms. During the dictatorship period, a military base of submarines was built which could enter and leave from the other side of the mountain. This dive is absolutely going to be marvelous as we will have the possibility to come across numerous types of amphorae.We will leave Porto Palermo in the afternoon to go back to Jala Bay.

Day 9: 

Jala’s Bay - “Mother Theresa” International Airport.

Depending on your flying timetable we will be headed towards “Mother Theresa” International Airport.

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