6000 ALL


Diving in Porto Palermo is like taking a trip back in time.

A memorable experience for divers who crave an adventure spiced with a sense of exploration and discovery.

The meeting point for this itinerary is in Porto Palermo tectonic peninsula, which is considered as one of the 10 most beautiful diving spots in Europe.

Keep in mind that these dives are for experienced divers who have at least an open water diver patent.

This bay is not only known for its natural beauty and pristine waters but also the presence of archaeological ruins and ancient amphora’s of the second century B.C.

Ceramic amphorae, used to carry oil and wine have been found at the bottom of the bay, indicating that ships who used the route from Corfu to Italy would stop at Porto Palermo.

Considering that Porto Palermo beach is known for the clear waters and excellent visibility, rest assured that you will be able to take some of the most memorable pictures of your life.

We will carry out our first dive on the right side of Ali Pasha’s castle, where is a cave that has an entrance at a depth of only 20 m and extends to almost 30 m. The inside of the cave is really large, which give you the possibility to have great photos the of marine life.

Our second dive will be accomplished on the castle’s left side of the Castle. In antiquity ships used this area to be protected by storms. This dive is absolutely going to be marvelous as we will have the possibility to come across numerous types of amphorae and other antique objects.

Price: 6000 ALL /one dive.

Included: Full equipment & Pictures taken during the dives.

This price is valid during the period May to October, when our Adventure Point in South coastline is Open.

Meeting point. Click the link below for the location.