diving to the wreck plane mig-21

“To dive on a sunken wreck is to take a trip back in time”. 

Albania Adventure Diving Center in Drymades beach is the perfect place for divers and snorkelers alike, who are looking for a new experience. 

Besides being renowned as a pristine dive destination with flourishing marine life, the waters of Drymades beach are the resting place of a MIG 21 fighter plane wreck from the communist era.

Being one of the most accessible wreck sites on the Ionian coast, only 80 meters from the shore and in 9 meters depth, this activity is spiced with a sense of exploration and discovery. 

To truly enjoy your diving experience underwater you also need a professional diver who you can trust completely. 

A Scuba Instructor PSS will teach you everything you need to know. 

Under their guidance, you will learn all the required skills and become completely comfortable with the equipment you will be using even if this is your first underwater adventure. 

Considering that Drymades beach is known for the clear waters and excellent visibility, which at times can reach 50 meters, rest assured that you will be able to take some of the most memorable pictures of your life.

Duration: 1 h (30 min instruction & 30 min diving). 

Price per person: 5000 ALL

Included: Full equipment & Pictures taken during the dive.

This price is valid during the period May to October, when our Adventure Point in South coastline is Open.

Meeting point. Click the link below for the location.