Ancient Discovery: 4000-Year-Old Stone Anchor

In the azure waters off the Albanian coast, our intrepid divers of “Diving Center Albania Adventure” recently made a remarkable discovery—a 4000-year-old stone anchor, a relic from the ancient Mediterranean seafaring era.

This trapezoidal geometric marvel, weighing around 50 kilograms, and found in the Dhermi area, tells a tale of seafaring sophistication. Its three holes, strategically placed, served distinct purposes. The upper hole secured the anchor to ships with ropes crafted from plant or animal fibers, while the lower ones accommodated wooden stakes that firmly grasped the seabed. Remarkably, anchors of this kind could tip the scales at a whopping 600 kg.

These anchors, with their unique design, persisted in maritime use until the 7th and 6th centuries BC when they gracefully bowed out to the introduction of stone block anchors. The earliest versions of such anchors were uncovered in the ancient lands of Cyprus and Crete. This recent find in Albanian waters only underscores the historical importance of Albania’s coast—a hub for departures, transits, and trade among Mediterranean civilizations dating back millennia.

Similar anchors have left their mark in archaeological sites across the globe, from Sardinia and Turkey to Egypt, the Black Sea, Greece, Malta, France, Spain, and even England. If you’re itching to explore this ancient maritime treasure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our passionate instructors would be delighted to guide you beneath the waves, offering a firsthand immersion into the wonders of antiquity.
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