diving to the shipwreck polumbari

“To dive on a shipwreck is to take a trip back in time”. 

Take diving into a whole other level and explore the shipwreck of the first Albanian marine diving support vessel, produced in China in 1974, with a length of 28.4 m and width of 5.4 m.

A memorable experience for divers who crave an adventure spiced with a sense of exploration and discovery. 

This adventure is only for experienced divers who hold an open water diver patent, as the wreck is at a 350 meters distance from the shore and in-depth that reaches 25 meters.

This recreational diving experience is unique in its kind considering that this is the only shipwreck in the Mediterranean seas where you can find and visit a hyperbaric room, which nowadays is very hard to find even in the Shipwreck Centres and Maritime Museums.

The waters of Drymades beach are known for being warm and calm all year round with great visibility, making this experience much more enjoyable and ensuring that great photos can be taken during this dive.

Price: 50 Eur/person

Included: Full equipment & Pictures taken during the dive.

This price is valid during the period May to October, when our Adventure Point in South coastline is Open.

Meeting point. Click the link below for the location.