Trekking «trips with overnight tent stay» Albania Adventure

Tour program: 

9 days / 8 nights

Day 1: 

Airport “Nene Tereza” - Vermosh

Adventure Albania guides will take you from the airport "Nene Tereza" and we will continue our journey toward Vermoshi, which is an isolated village in the northern part of the country, on the borders of Albania and Montenegro.

Vermosh was a deserted place during communism where the old stone houses are still preserved. Here we feel that the past is not so far away for some places. To get there it takes about 5 hours and 30 min by car and with our 4 x 4 vehicles the last hours will be stunning in an off-road trip. As soon as we reach Vermosh, we will rise up a camp for two nights, where the lunch will be eaten. During afternoon you will be able to explore the village and its characteristic church.

After this we will return back to the camp and discussion for the next day trip will be made. Then comes the moment for dinner when all will participate in cooking things around the fire.

Day 2: 

Vermosh - Peak of Markul, altitude 2186 m, 8-9 hours, level of difficulty T3

Starting early in the morning through a path that passes through the Black Peak, mountain of Perbice to reach the top of Markul  in 2186 m.

Spectacular views, amazing landscapes that will remain forever in your memory. This will be an unforgettable experience for lovers of real and wild nature. The return will be from the Peak of Kui, Vermosh toward the village of Vermosh.

The final arrival for this day is at the camp to the village where a delicious barbecue will be waiting for us.

Day 3: 


Vermosh - Grebren Peak, 1836 m altitude - Lepush

Departure from Vermosh at 7:00 for Lepush, at 1262m altitude above sea level, in Northern Albania, in the district of Malesi e Madhe (Great Highland), bordered with Montenegro.

To get there, we must pass first by Grebren Peak, with a height of 1839 m and difficulty level T2, dropping back down to pass through the Neck of Bordolec, and to arrive so at the village of Lepush . This village in a remote valley, in the heart of the Alps, seems to have survived through the years. Precisely here, above the village in a small lawn that offers a beautiful panorama we will set up the camp.

Day 4: 

Lepush - Koprisht Holes 1960 m

The awakening will be early to disassemble the camp and to start the trip towards the Holes of Koprisht with a height of 1960 m and difficulty level T3.

Two other travelers will join the group, two mules that will help us to transport materials of the campsite. A short stop for lunch and then immediately back to Koprisht Holes road where we will put up the camp near the dairy farms that operate during the summer season, centuries-old tradition that still continues.


Day 5: 

Holes Koprishtit 1960 m - 1640 m Peja Lake

The awakening will be early even today, after we disassemble the camp and supply ourselves with fresh water, because there will be no water supply option until reaching the next destination in the evening.

Mules will accompany us to keep extra water, and other items. This walk will last at least 7 hours, with a difficulty level T3. During the path we will pass between two mountains, the Prozmit Peak 2452 m and Great Peak 2552 m. After that, everyone will enjoy the picnic lunch. The Top Arapi will guide us for a long time, where we will turn to Peja lake, on a lower level, at 1,640 m. Different from the other nights, the camp will be raised by the other Albania Adventure guides, which have arrived from one another valley and also have prepared a well-deserved dinner for us, which will be enjoyed around the fire.

Day 6: 

Peak of Peja 1640 m - Jezerca Peak 2692 m

Clearly this is the most difficult day because this day we will climb the highest mountain of the Albanian Alps.

Its peak, at an altitude of 2692 m seems to touch the sky. To avoid climbing during the hottest hours the departure will be performed early. We will leave behind the peak of Peja to start climbing towards the top of Jezerca 2692 m. This adventure day will take us about 10-11 hours, with a difficulty level T5. The view at the top of Jerzerca is startling. Climbing to the top of the so called differently the queen of our Alps will be for you the trophy to this whole Albanian adventure.

Apart of a spectacular image from up there, we also find a metal box with a notebook inside, where all climbers write their name down to remember this moment. After a short break for eating we will be leaving toward the small village of Okoli, the highest part of Theth’s valley. As soon as we are there we will find the camp again ready where all the evening will be spent around the fire.


Day 7: 

Okol - Theth - Okol

This will be a quiet day, which will be dedicated more to the relaxing walk and to knowing the famous village Theth, called "Europe’s Last Paradise". The village is located in the Northern part of the valley of Shal, between the Alps with a rare beauty. Natural resources of this area are linked together with the cultural and historical heritage of local residents, forming the most important bases for tourism development.

Regarding this fact Georg Heinshemer, a famous mountaineer, wrote about it and has considered Theth, undoubtedly the most appropriate place for tourism among the Mountains in North Albania, he even went further by comparing it with the most beautiful areas of Tyrol, Austria. During this day will be able to visit: the Old water mill, the Church, which is one of the symbols of Theth, the Tower of Isolation and Theth’s waterfall.

Lunch will be eaten along the river with fresh, grilled trophy fish. In the evening we will return to the camp where around the fire we will discuss about our last wild adventure day among the Albanian Alps.

Day 8: 

Theth - Tirana

After the morning the camp will be will be disassemble and we will be leaving toward the capital of Albania, Tirana.

This day will be different because little by little we will be returning into the so called civilized life. After we will accommodate in a hotel close to the center, we will have the opportunity to visit the city, including here a visit to the wide boulevards, monumental mosaic found in the national museum walls that describes beautifully the glory of The Independence of Albania.

A small deviation toward the area of the block, referred to the previous nomenclature of the communist regime in Albania, and a walk in the house of former dictator Enver Hoxha. This is the most vibrant area of the city, with many bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Day 9: 

Tirana - Airport “Nene Tereza”

Based on your flight schedule we will departure to the airport "Nene Tereza".

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