Off Road Tour Albania Adventure

Tour program: 

9 days / 8 nights

For all of you who are keen on the idea of Off Road adventure by 4x4 vehicles, Albania offers an ideal Off Road terrain of more than 2000 km to make it happen. This unforgettable experience starts from the center of Albania to Albanian Alps climbing to continue with the descent in the marvelous Albanian Riviera.

This Off Road adventure is definitely going to be a unique experience. Often will we feel relaxed away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being stimulated by the curiosity we will proceed further with the unexplored wild world. During this tour we will have the chance to visit numerous churches, temples, colorful mosques and archaeological sites listed as World Heritage of UNESCO. With a view to accomplishing this challenging adventure you can use your own vehicle or Albania Adventure will put at your disposal 4WD vehicles which are especially modified for Off Road tours. Moreover, some of these vehicles have been used to participate in Rally Race Albania by our team. When on this adventure we will be accommodated in guesthouses, hotels or we will set up our camping tents, this depending on your preference.

Day 1: 

"Mother Teresa" Airport - The Capital of Albania, Tirana (Car’s Test)

Albania Adventure guides will pick you up at “Mother Teresa” airport to go to Tirana, where we will be accommodated, in a hotel near the center.

By using our 4WD vehicles, we will hit the road 50 km northwest of Tirana. To have a better understanding of Albania Adventure modified vehicles, they will be tested in an off road territory. If in any case visitors are equipped with their own cars, this test will serve as an introduction between you and our pilots.

Day 2: 

Tirana - Theth

As soon as we have prepared our bags and had breakfast, our adventure begins toward the northern valley of Theth, a trip which takes place through old roads dating back in the communism era. These roads’ infrastructure is not the ideal one as they are seldom used. Around midday we will have approached the Albanian northern coast. We will have lunch in a simple fish restaurant by the sea. In the afternoon, we will drive along Buna river bridge, afterwards when we have passed the city of Shkodra we will begin climbing towards Boga valley to eventually reach the notch of Thore, a point from which our descent will start towards the valley of Theth.

Called by foreign tourists “Europe’s Last Paradise”, the village of Theth is located in the northern part of Shala valley. It is a magnificent beauty between the Alps. We will be hosted in a 350 year old house, converted nowadays in a guesthouse. It was rebuilt in 2012.

Day 3: 

Theth - Rubik

We will proceed with our tour once having finished breakfast, along Theth valley, following for nearly 2 hours the Shala river to climb the mountain of Shoshi afterwards. Because of not investing for at least 30 years in this road, it has not the best infrastructure.

Lunch will be served in a restaurant by the lake of Shkodra, the largest lake in the Balkans peninsula and considered as one of the oldest lakes in the world.

In the afternoon we will hit the road again between villages. We will follow Mat river which will lead us to the small town of Rubik. We will be accommodated here for the night.


Day 4: 

Rubik - National Park of Lura - Peshkopi

In the morning we will leave Rubik and after we have traversed Mirdita’s district, we will step into Lura’s National Park, which lies in the highland of Lura and occupies an area of 1300 ha. The territory of the park of Lura is very rugged by a row of mountain streams where the most popular are Seta, Uraka, Malla of Lura. The park’s 14 lakes, which are glacial ones, offer a magnificent beauty. Lunch will be prepared by our self, a delicious barbecue. In the afternoon we will leave the park for reach the city of Peshkopi, where we will be accommodated. 

Day 5: 

Peshkopi - Bulqize - Librazhd - Pogradec

We will depart very early, as this will be the longest journey throughout your adventure in Albania. The road from Peshkopi to Bulqize will be harsh and we will often find traces of the off road tours that our guides have made so far. This area is the best one for training and testing 4WD vehicles.

This day will pass along the old trails, a part of Albania which has been abandoned for decades. There will be endless hours in this trip where we almost are not going to meet anyone. Around midday, between the mountains, we will stop for lunch and we can also visit a masjid, place of worship for Bektashi religion. In the afternoon, we will go down from Biza field towards Librazhdi city where the ground will be softer for a long time. In the late afternoon we will have approached the city of Pogradec, where Ohrid Lake will have accompanied us for a long time. In Pogradec we will stay in a lakeside hotel-restaurant to enjoy the fresh trout, the endemic fish of Ohrid Lake.


Day 6: 

Pogradec - Permet

Southeast Albania is our next scheduled stop once we have left behind the city of Korça. We will be travelling across villages and cities with a small density population. In this part of not well-developed Albania time seems to go slowly. This is obviously noticed from the old road infrastructure which date back in the communism era. As we pass through mountains and hills in southern Albania we will achieve unexperienced inner peace. The famous Permet’s thermal baths will be visited in the afternoon. They are located in Benje region, part of Permet city. The sulfur based waters spring from six sources at the massive rocks ground, on both sides of Langarice River. Four from these sources are distinguished for their curative effects of chronic rheumatism, stomach and ski on related diseases. Benje’s thermal waters reach a temperature of 26 -32°C. Accommodation will be provided in a hotel in the city of Permet.

Day 7: 

Permet - Tepelen - Jale

Tepelena is another destination of ours on the schedule. Our day’s tour will start as soon as we have enjoyed breakfast. Fantastic scenery will accompany during this tour. To reach the south coast from Tepelena, we will drive between mountains and through winding paths. This destination will be reached only in the late afternoon. We will have reached Kuçi’s Buronjas around midday after having driven along the river bed, which lies in the canyon. It is the perfect time to relax now and prepare lunch – barbecue. After enjoying lunch we will start our ascent. Once reaching water reservoirs will start our descent towards the Ionian coastline. The off road paths finish here to continue our drive with on the asphalted road which stretches along the coastline to the coastal village of Jale. We will be accommodated in a hotel by the sea.

Day 8: 

Jale - Cape of Gjuhez - Vlore

After having drunk the morning coffee by the sea, we will leave towards the canyon and famous bay of Gjipe, otherwise known as “Gods’ Garden”. After a short visit on this southern pearl, we will start our ascent towards Llogara notch, 1027 altitude above the sea level. This segment of our drive offers an impressive scenery. Later we will continue with our descent on the other side, along the National Park of Llogara.

Our off road adventure continues shortly before noon winding in the heart of Karaburun peninsula, one of the most hostile and wild regions for trekking adventurers. The entire peninsula is uninhabited, with the exception of any shepherds who can rarely be seen. After a two-hour-off road drive, the road will keep deteriorating and the last and a half hour are going to be a true off road adventure to reach in this way the northernmost land point of Albania, Gjuheza Cape. This region offers the weirdest view and terrain you might have ever seen.  Late in the afternoon we will leave outward peninsula in the direction of the coastal city of Vlora in which we will also be accommodated.

Day 9: 

Vlore - "Mother Teresa" Airport

We will depart toward “Mother Teresa” airport depending on your flight schedule.  

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