Tour program: 

8 days / 7 nights

All this adventure will be dedicated to Rock Climbing.

Our agency will put at your disposal all the necessary equipments, of course, it is alright if you want you can take with you your own personal equipments.

Day 1: 

"Nene Tereza" Airport - The coastal village of Jale

Albania Adventure guides will take you from " Nene Tereza " Airport and we will continue our trip to the seaside village of Jale, which is located in the southern coast of Albania.

In this village, in a sea line hotel will be our accommodation.

Sleeping, breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant, while lunch we will always take it away with us. 

Day 2: 

Canyon and Bay of Gjipea

In this canyon Albania Adventure guides have created more than 70 itineraries for Rock Climbing, ranging from the simplest level 4 until it 7b+. All this thanks to the collaboration of Albania Adventure guides and Globo Alpin.

Every day after we eat breakfast, we will start the journey with the 4 x 4 Albania Adventure vehicles to this pearl of Albanian coast, where to arrive there we will need to traverse an off road segment, almost extreme, which makes necessary the use of 4 x 4 vehicles.

As soon as we are at the beach and after we prepare our personal equipment we will begin our rock climbing. The first sector is called "Garten Eden". A sector that offers, except rock climbing, a spectacular view of the bay of Gjipea, and as long as you finish a route, you will find it difficult to go down as you will need to apart from that stunning view that this place offers.

We will eat lunch at the beach since we have taken it with us.

Gjipea offers to us the chance to do other than just rock climbing also we can benefit from the marvelous beach as it is really a costal pearl.

In the afternoon we will return to the village of Jale.

Day 3: 

Canyon and Bay of Gjipea

After we eat breakfast we will depart again with our 4 x 4 vehicles towards Gjipea.

Today, climbing will be done at the sector of "Pfeiler", a sector in which you can also find a 7a+ itinerary. "Pfeiler" sector is a sector which in the first half of the day is pretty much beaten by sunlight, so you can do here even sunbathing, but another positive thing is that almost all the time is beaten by the wind, not without reason we have called this sector "Hyperventilator".

In the afternoon, after we will eat and rest seaside we will continue with another sector called "Rote Wand". In this sector is a really special itinerary, called "Che Vita", which has a height of 83 m and offers a spectacular view over the entire Canyon of Gjipea. 

Day 4: 

Canyon and Bay of Gjipea

With the arrival in Gjipe, will go near the sector called "Ladi", a sector that has over 15 itineraries, ranging from 5b to 7a+. One of the most beautiful routes, is the route named "Ladi & Berti", which gives the possibility of achieving a balcony from where you can take fantastic photos of Gjipea Canyon.

Day 5: 

Canyon and Bay of Gjipea

Today will be different from the other days. Morning we will do canyoning along the entire Canyon of Gjipea, it will heavily depend on the season when you will have chosen to come to Albania. The best periods to realize this adventure are the seasons of spring and autumn, as in winter will be more water than we need and in summer the canyon is drier.

This adventure will last an average of 4 hours.

Lunch this day will be enjoyed in freshness inside the canyon. The second part of the day we will pass it at the beach.

Day 6: 

Canyon and Bay of Gjipea

During this day we will climb the sector "Rio", a sector that is found inside the canyon, which gives the possibility to be climbed throughout the whole day in the shadow.

In this sector we will found more than 10 routes, from 5c to 7a. We say over 10 itineraries because, every year in the canyon of Gjipea are added new routes. 

Day 7: 
Day 8: 

Seaside village of Jale - "Nene Tereza" Airport.

Depending on your flight schedule, we will leave from the coastal village of Jale to "Nene Tereza" Airport.

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